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Now certified to give the Road Test to both Teens and Adults in both our Carrollton and Corinth locations…….For your convenience we administer the Road Test 6 days per week…… Please go to our website or call to schedule a Road Test


ParallelParkingAnimationroadRight Start is authorized to give the Third Party Skills Test to Teens and Adults(18 and older). 5,388 students have been tested and passed as of 5/3/2017.

* If you attended another driving school or were parent taught  you can still take your road test with Right Start. 

For your convenience we administer the Teen and Adult Road Test 6 days per week…… Please click here to “Schedule Your  Road Test” or you can call Carrollton 972-242-1333 or 972-242-1311  or Corinth 940-497-4779 to schedule your road test.

If you are 16, 17 or 18 years old, have completed an approved teen drivers ed program, and have had your permit for at least 6 months (look on the back side of your permit for the date you are eligible), please click here to Schedule your Road Test.

Office Hours:
Carrollton M-F 10AM – 9PM   SAT 10AM – 3PM
Corinth      M-F 10AM –  9PM  SAT 10AM  – 3PM

Our Full Teenage Driving Program Includes:rsdscar02

  • 32 Hours of Classroom Instruction

  • In car instruction (7 hrs driving and 7 hrs observation)

  • Permit Testing

  • Vision Screening


If you are an adult age 18 or older you may take our Adult permit course. This is a six hour course designed to get you a permit. If you are seeking a Texas Drivers License you will still need to obtain a permit in order to take the Road Test with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Our course is a one day class. Student will be instructed in current  motor vehicle laws and safe driving practices. At the end of the day, the Texas Permit written test will be given.  Upon successfully passing the test we will issue a certificate that can be taken to the DPS and a permit will be issued.  At that time you are eligible to schedule your road test with us at Right Start Driving School.

 Whatever your driver training needs may be, you’ll find that we are by customer choice, the Right Start!

CARROLLTON TEEN                                  CORINTH TEEN
2150 N Josey Lane  #222                           7650 S Interstate 35E  #120
Carrollton, TX  75006                                Corinth, TX  76210
972-242-1333 or 972-242-1311                 940-497-4779 

 You may pre-register online by selecting the desired location and class

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