Carrollton or Corinth 6 Hour Adult Permit Course


Classes are held on Saturdays

Course Cost is $90

Cash, Debit or Credit Cards
(Sorry, No Checks Accepted)

Walk-in Registrations are welcome. 
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Necessary Identification

You must bring one of the following types of ID: Birth Certificate, Passport, , Military ID
or State ID

This course satisfies the DPS 6-Hour Course requirement for adults aged 18-24 years old.

As a bonus you take the permit and eye exams here, not at the DPS and get your Certificate the Same Day!

If you are an adult age 18 or older you may take our Adult permit course. This is a six hour course designed to get you a permit. If you are seeking a Texas Drivers License you will still need to obtain a permit in order to take the Road Test with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Our course is a one day class. Student will be instructed in current  motor vehicle laws and safe driving practices. At the end of the day, the Texas Permit written test will be given.  Upon successfully passing the test we will issue a certificate that can be trsdsadultclassaken to the DPS and a permit will be issued. If the Student wants a drivers license a driving test can be scheduled at that time.

We are a TEA approved provider, so we are proud to offer Texas Adult Drivers Ed, our course qualifies for Texas residents between 18 to 24, as an approved course. This course is mandatory for 18-24 year olds who have never taken Drivers Education Course to get their Texas Drivers License.

Please bring one of these forms of identification(copies accepted) ( Birth Certificate, Passport, Texas ID, Military ID Resident Card)  when you come for class.

If you’re a new to Texas driver, foreign-born, or a resident over 25 who have never had their license, we are approved by the TEA as a valid alternative to going to the Texas DPS andrsdslearner taking your written exam. With our Texas Adult Drivers Education course, you’ll learn all the Texas traffic laws and rules of the road you need to know and will to pass your DPS written exam once you complete our course.

And best of all, once you pass our 6 hour adult drivers ed course, you automatically pass your written DPS exam. Simply pass the course and we’ll give you on the spot a certificate of completion that you states you passed your DPS written test and the eye exam. All you need to do once you complete our course is present the certificate to the DPS to get your permit and/or license. Please note, if you do not currently have a license, you will also be required complete the Impact Texas Young Drivers(ITYD) course and after that take the road test which you can also do at Right Start.

We feel our course is superior to any other online course or classroom course because our course is designed to get you on the road as quickly as possible!

Some Interesting Facts:

Fact 1: We give the DPS learners permit exam and handbook in english or spanish.

Fact 2:  Most people who take an online course wind up getting ripped off. Online courses do not have the ability to DPS test you, they also have no way of providing the eye test. Do not fall for these online courses. They charge less up front but wind up costing you more in the long run.  Did you know that if you fail an online course they will charge you to take it again?  At Right Start Driving school we care about our students will do everything possible to help the succeed at no extra or hidden charges.

 Fact 3: 98% of the adults who take our course pass the permit test on their first try. But if you don’t pass we guarantee to help you understand what you missed and let you retake the test as many times as needed without any extra charges.

(Generally, The DPS allows testing 3 times before you must pay another $25.00
and On-line courses allow testing 1 times before charging another 60.00 or more dollars!)

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