In the Driver’s Seat


We know you are wondering how things work to get you in the driver’s seat and on your way to the independence that you have been looking forward to for so long. We want you to get the Right Start to that freedom and responsibility, so this is how we help you toward this momentous point in your life:

  •  First, you will need to attend the classroom portion of drivers ed.  In class, you will learn about the rules of the road and how they apply to each and every driver on our roads. Also, you will learn all about the signs and signals along the roads and how to react to them. After you have studied for a few days, you will be given the permit exam here in class. Upon passing the permit exam, we will issue to you the Texas Driver Education Certificate (Form DE-964). You and your parent or guardian will then take that certificate to a TX DPS Office, along with your ID1, Social Security Card2, and a VOE3 to have your learners permit issued. Your parent will also be asked to furnish 2 forms of Proof of Residency4 in the State of Texas. You will pay an issuance fee for the permit at the DPS. For acceptable documents for the 4 listed items, please refer to the downloadable and/or printable brochure at this link:


  •  Now you are ready to move into the driver’s seat! The rsdslearnerrequirements for driving with a learners permit are this:    You may NOT drive alone in the car. A licensed driver aged 21 or older who has had their license for at least a year must be sitting in the front seat with you while you are driving. (Be sure to bring your permit in the car with you when you drive – it’s the law!) You can now begin to practice, or you can choose to wait to practice until you have taken your first driving lesson with us. That decision is totally up to you and your parents.


  •  Once you have your permit, bring it to Right Start Driving School so that we can take a copy for our records. At that time, we will schedule your first appointment for a driving lesson. We schedule 2-hour appointments, so you will drive for one hour, and sit in the backseat and observe another student being taught for an hour. In order to meet the requirements of 7 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and 7 hours of observation, this is the best way to schedule the lessons. If you are unable to fit a 2-hour appointment into your busy schedule, we can allow you to come only one hour at a time as well.


  • When you have completed all of the 32-hours classroom portion of drivers ed and 14-hours in-car portion, a completion certificate will be issued to you. You will continue to practice (no less than 30DSCF0779 hours) until you have had your permit for at least 6 months, and then you are eligible to take the Road Exam at the DPS Office. This is the exam where you drive with the DPS Examiner in the car with you. You are required to have a 30-hours Behind The Wheel Instruction Log completed to turn in when you arrive for the Road Exam.