*Please Read through the eligibility check list before scheduling your Road Test*

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        1. Texas Learner Driver License 


        You must present a Valid Learner License 

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        2. Proof of Insurance Required only if Tester is using personal vehicle


        We require proof of insurance of the vehicle that will be used on the Road Test.FRONT and BACK license plates are required on the vehicle. If your vehicle has paper plates, we require a minimum of one on the vehicle. 
        Use Our School VehicleFree use of our vehicle if you attended a Teen Course with Right Start $25 charge for use of our vehicle You will be liable for any damages that may occur during the Road Test.

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        Read Carefully

        PARENT AND STUDENT MUST WEAR FACE MASKS BEFORE ENTERING AND DURING EVALUATION.1) We will NOT use the Evaluation result as your Road Test Result.
        2)The Evaluation does NOT guarantee a passing score on the Road Test.
        3) NO Passengers of any age allowed in the vehicle during the Skills Evaluation. 

      We do not accept checks OR American Express