DPS Authorized Road Test

      To schedule your DPS Authorized Road Test and view the eligibility list, please click on the corresponding service.

      • Teen Road Test$75

        Teens ages 16-18 who have completed any approved Texas Teen Driver Education Course. You will have 2 attempts.

      • Adult Road Test$75

        Adults ages 18 and over who have completed and passed a Texas Permit Exam.
        You will have 2 attempts.

      • Evaluation$35

        An optional 20 minute review of a mock Road Test with a certified examiner.Note: This is NOT a Driving Lesson.

      • Evaluation & DPS Authorized Road Test$110

        Along with a DPS Authorized Road Test you get a previous 20 minute review of a mock Road Test with a certified examiner. NOTE: Evaluation will NOT be used as a Road Test result.

      After Road Test

      At this moment, the Texas Department of Public Safety is the only agency authorized to issue a Driver License.

      We will give you a sealed envelope with the test results & paperwork from the eligibility listDO NOT OPEN envelope. You have 90 days to take results to the DPS.You MUST schedule an appointment through the DPS website to submit testing results from a Third Party Testing Center. The temporary alternate mail-in process for Driver License is being discontinued as of June 15, 2020.

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