Teen Eligibility List

      *Please Read through the eligibility check list before scheduling your Road Test*

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         Texas Driver Education Certificate 

        DE 964

         PT 964

        Certificate of Completion of a Texas Teen Driver Education Course. Upon Completing a Teen Driving Course, you must request a Completion Certificate that must present BOTH the 32 hour of Classroom Completion date and the 14 hour of Behind-The-Wheel Instruction Completion date in order to be eligible.  

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        Verification of Enrollment 


        The State of Texas requires proof of education for any teen under the of age 18 in order to apply for a Driver License. You may request a V.O.E at the students' High School Administrator's office.If Home Schooled, you may print out a V.O.E PDF form online.It must be dated 30 days from the day of the Road Test.

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        Impact Texas Teen Drivers Certificate


        On September 2014, The State of Texas made it a requirement for any person applying for a Driver License in Texas must watch the 2 Hour Impact Teen Driver Video.The ITTD Video must be watched maximum of 90 days from the day of the Road Test.Must print out Impact Video Certificate.
        Click below to watch the 2 Hour ITTD Video

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        30 Hour Practice Log

        Completed 30 Hour Log

        You must complete a 30 Hour Practice Log with a Parent or Guardian who is over the age of 21 and has held a valid Drivers License for 3 Years.This log does NOT include the 14 Hours of Behind-The-Wheel Instruction Hours
        Parent or Guardian who complete the 30 Hour Practice Log with student MUST sign the bottom of the DE- 964

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        Texas Learner Driver License 


        Student must hold a Valid Texas Learner License for at least 6 months to be eligible to apply for a Texas Driver License. Student must be 16 Years or older to apply for a Texas Driver License. 

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        Proof of Insurance When using personal vehicle


        We require proof of insurance of the vehicle that will be used on the Road Test.FRONT and BACK license plates are required on the vehicle. 
        Use of Our School VehicleFree use of our vehicle if you are under the age of 18$25 charge for use of our vehicle if you are over the age of 18

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        Read Carefully

         1) Parent who accompanies Teen Tester to the Road Test appointment MUST be the same Parent/Guardian who accompanies teen to the Texas Department of Public Safety.
        2) If your paperwork has been previously processed by the Texas Department of Public Safety in attempt to take and pass a Road Test, you MUST bring the official proof of payment. 
        2) For additional information please consult the Texas Department of Public Safety Website         
        3) No Refunds on Failed Road Tests. 
        4) We are a Third Party Skills Test Center, only authorized to administer the Official DPS Road Test. At this time the Texas DPS is the only agency authorized to issue a Driver License. 

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